Entrepreneur’s do you have your makeup on?

I wake up every day to an interesting question that I ask myself.  Should I put my makeup on or should I not?  I know that you might think this a simple answer either yes or no right?  Well it might be a simple answer but there is more to it than that and something you may not know lurking behind it that you may not have paid attention to.  It could mean the success of your business or the failure of it.  It is that important.  We are Entrepreneur’s right?  We earned the right to stay home in our PJ’s if we want to right?  Why should we pay attention to putting our makeup on or not in the morning?  Well, I have to come from personal experience and also some of my clients have admitted to it too.  When we put our makeup on we are better prepared for our day.  You could almost say that by putting my makeup will “set” your day in a direction that is more positive than not.


Let me ask you a couple of questions.  If you don’t put your makeup on Ms. Entrepreneur do you have a tendency to flow right into say putting on your sweats?  Do you then not eat lunch at your usual noon time but mosey into the kitchen to open up the refrigerator to grab something quickly around 1:30pm?  In general do you feel less peppy?


I can remember a zillion years ago when we were only able to wear a dress to school.  I know I am ageing myself here but hear me out.  In my last year of high school they changed the rules a bit and let us wear pants on one Friday of the month. What a difference from wearing a dress.  Everyone acted very casual and it certainly was more comfortable.  Eventually they thought to give us every Friday a dress down day.  Out came the t-shirts with provocative comments on the front and then on the back.  The boys were sent to the Principles office for mouthing back and putting their feet on desks and leaning back in their chairs.  Now I am not advocating going back to dresses for school children or that the world went to heck because of this but I certainly saw the progression in just one year.  This can happen to you and your business if you don’t look out for the signs.


So, get up in the morning, prepare mentally and physically for your day by putting your makeup on and something besides sweats and give your day and your business the best shot you’ve got to be a success.

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  1. Isaac says:


    I completely agree with you on the makeup (although you won’t catch me dead with makeup on :-]), and the sweats, too.

    Dressings up has a way of placing us in a state – one that we associate dressing up with.

    So, let’s all dress up – not only for the day – but for our state.

    I love your article

    Bless you,


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